Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Peek At My Next Project

These homespun fabrics are part of a foundation pieced quilt that I am working on and have been for some time.  You see in going through my fabric closet I came across this blue box that was a bit heavy as it was stuffed full of these great fabrics.  I knew I had it .... somewhere!  The quilt within  has been waiting to for completion for ... um ... well let's just say for a couple of years.  Okay maybe more than a couple, maybe more like ... oh never mind I can't remember how many years and don't want to think about it!  Anyhow it is seeing some daylight at long last.  A commitment has been made to finish this quilt and I already have plans for the leftovers, how's that?

My husband purchased this group of fat quarters from Keepsake Quilts in New Hampshire as a gift for me one Christmas a number of years ago,  The picture above is only a small portion of the group as part of the group is on the sewing table or in the machine being sewn.  More pictures to be posted in the coming days.  I find it interesting when the "parts" are posted and you can view the progress.  Quilters are not always as patient as one might think (which is probably why they have so many UFO's floating around!) and will move from project to project.  Or is that just all creative people?

Anyhow please come back and have a look at the blocks as they are finished and posted.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Urembo Basket Project

 UREMBO Baskets made by women in Kenya who are afflicted with HIV/AIDS virus.  The women sew these baskets on treadle sewing machines with African fabrics.  The  beads on the baskets are also made by another co-op nearby.  I "purchased" these baskets for a donation. The project teaches women a trade that they can  use to help support themselves and their families.  They learn business skills, become independent and attain a sense of self worth.  One hundred percent of the monies donated to the UREMBO BASKET PROJECT goes to the project.  The web site is if you are interested in making a donation. 

 I came across these at a Machine Quilter's Convention in Providence, Rhode Island. These baskets are sturdy and come in many colors and designs.  Please consider donating to this worthwhile project. 

Click on the pictures for a larger view.

'Something Blue' Half Square Triangle Quilt

Out of the UFO pile and into the finished pile!  This small piece, measuring 26.5" by 22", went fairly quickly even though it was a little tedious cutting all the triangles.  I wanted to make a two color quilt and came across this pretty blue fabric with kind of a paisley pattern paired up with a soft blue and white stripe.  I've named it "Something Blue" for lack of any imagination on my part.  If you have a better suggestion I'm open to your comments.

Piece is now part of a private collection.


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