Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Update - Spray Starch

  In April of this year I posted about home made spray starch.  I am pleased to report that it works quite well.  There isn't any sticking or flaking, but I must admit that I usually am ironing with steam.  I find that I get a better result with steam, and ironing lines in just always come out just the way I want them.  By lines I mean what people used to do down the front of their slacks (I don't iron seams / lines down the front of my pants- they never even see an iron!)  

  The one drawback is that with all this HOT weather the nation seems to be having the starch may begin to smell a bit unpleasant and you do not want to iron in bad odors to something beautiful that you are making - so smell the starch first.  And yes I did add some borax to the solution to preserve it.  So now the starch is kept in the refrigerator with a nice label on it "STARCH".  It also washes out quite nicely without damage to your machine.  

  So give it a try - I'll bet that you have some corn starch in the kitchen cupboard - add some cold water to dissolve the corn starch - bring to a boil while stirring constantly to avoid lumps - allow to cool before funneling into a spray bottle.  You can use it  immediately, store any unused portion in the fridge and make sure that you label it.

  *Note you don't need much corn starch in the water - opt for less rather than more. A half teaspoon to a pint of water is a good start.  If you find that you require a heavier starching add only a quarter teaspoon more mixed with a tiny bit of water to the main solution.  Add the borax to a small bit of water - then mix into the boiled starch.

I hope that this was helpful, it certainly is economic. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Birthday America!

I love this country!  We have freedoms many other places in the world do not.  We can worship freely without persecution.  We can dress the way we want.  We can keep company with our friends with out fear of violence put upon us.  We can hold office, we can vote.  We can express our thoughts.  We can do anything we long as we are not hurting or harming others we have these freedoms. Enjoy all that you have and all that you will be.

It is because of the many patriotic Americans have fought and died to obtain and hold these freedoms - from the time our country was in it's infancy to this day.  It is because of this collective sacrifice that WE THE PEOPLE are able to freely celebrate another birthday in and of America. Thank you to all those who have given and to all those who have given ALL.  


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