Sunday, February 10, 2013

Neighborhood Pictures - WS Nemo

Evening blue

Ginkgo tree

Our cars are under there!

Budlong pool

Up the snowy hill

I loved how this snow covered tree looked

When I awoke and looked out the window I couldn't see a thing ... this is why - all of our windows were blanketed with a layer of wind blown snow.  It almost looks as if the house was sprayed with water that froze.

My rhododendron outside my front window.  I had to look down to take this picture.  In the spring when it blooms it is halfway up the window, now it is nearly laying on the ground with all the weight of the snow on it.

...and today is bright and sunny, clear blue skies and freezing cold.  Good day for a walk!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Smaller UFO Pile

  Smaller UFO pile?  Is that possible?  Isn't a pile sort of a large thing usually? 
 Anyhow, with the completion of two more quilts my UFO pile has been made a tad smaller. Finally finished is a quilt that I started more than twenty years ago...yes I said twenty.  (My face is red from embarrassment.) It was an anniversary quilt that was under construction for my tenth anniversary - another twenty four years have passed and we will be celebrating 34 years married.  But alas it is completed, maybe a party is in order, lol.  No pictures yet, sorry, as the last stitches were guided through the binding just moments ago.  The fabrics have a batik feel to them, you may recognize some of them in fact.  I'm not sure who the manufacturer of them is.  The colors are pretty blues, teals and greens.  I kept the pieces large and sewed them together using a closely stitched edging stitch of turquoise blue.  The biding is a green monotone stripe with a much smaller gold stripe in it.  Right now it is in the dryer getting a fluff after being washed in the machine.  I like to wash my quilts to make sure that they can withstand being used, after all that is the point.  Why have things if you aren't going to used them or show them off some way?  Washing and drying gives a nice soft texture and feel.  If the snow falls nicely I will try to take some pictures of the two quilts with the snow as a back ground on Saturday.
  The other quilt is the one pictured in the previous post only the biding was not turned on it in that picture.  The binding on that one is a purple and white stripe and goes along quite nicely with the pink, red, and darker pink gingham check fabric.  Now it is and it is tumbling around with the anniversary quilt.  So I hope to have a better picture of it also on Saturday
 In the meantime enjoy this picture from our visit to Nashville last August.  This is a view of the man-made waterfall at the Gaylord Hotel and Resort.  Can't you just picture this as a small quiltwork?
Now onto the next item in the UFO pile. . . wish me luck!


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