Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tumbling Blocks Wall Hanging

Carefully measured, marked, completely hand stitched, fine quality commercial fabrics constructed in the Tumbling Block pattern. Victorian women used the tumbling block pattern to display their most precious silk fabrics. Every scrap of fabric was used in quilt making as fabrics were not as accessible as they are today. Even old clothing was used to make quilts. This pattern has been said to have been used as a signal which told slaves that it was time to leave, to gather up their belongings as there was a guide to help them to get to safety, freedom and begin a new life. It is a pattern included as part of the Underground Railroad. Do some research as there is controversy over the meanings of quilt patterns, you may find that there are other explanations and meanings. My small sample is strictly for the enjoyment of making something that fits together as precisely as I could sew it. I tried to show some detail - if done correctly you should see a small six point star on the wrong side of your work that is symmetrical. See the detail above.

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