Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Finish Up Projects

The written word has inspired some to pull out unfinished projects that they may finally achieve their destiny. To come full circle, to be complete. That is what my present activity is. There are so many small unfinished items that have been started, they have become surprises for me when they are found once again. At this time I am working on a wall hanging comprised of small batik squares (off hand I can't recall the exact square size but I believe it is about two to two and a half inches), bordered by solid red and orange. Around that is a larger border of a striped batik- this is the area that I am working in at present. The goal is to have this piece completed over the weekend coming up. The next part is a to give it a name. I will post it here so check back if you would like a view. (See the above entry of February 15 for more about this project.)

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