Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just a couple of dolls

Race Car Doll - showing detail of race car banner
back side Race Car Doll
Race Car Doll face and hair
Race Car Doll front view
Detail of crocheted miniature basket
Detail of painted on face, necklace (turquoise stone) and wool jacket
Front view of Gypsy Doll.  Free form croceht skirt, painted legs with texture.
Here are two more dolls that I made.   They are not your typical play dolls.  Made from cotton mostly and any other materials that I had on hand to use.  The Racing Car Doll has little cast racing cars on her sash that were made by Ralph Scudieri.  Many of the materials used in the "dressing" of these two dolls were things that would have otherwise have been tossed into the trash.  Instead I have re- purposed those items.  The skirt on the Gypsy Doll with the red hat was crocheted by me with embroidery floss as was the little basket she carries in her hand.  The basket has a blue lapis egg in it!  The dolls were painted with ordinary latex interior house paint.  Can you tell what some of the items used are or what they are from?

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