Friday, January 6, 2012

Indigo Days

Indigo favorite of mine, this was carefully measured, marked, pressed and stitched.  Then repeatedly immersed into the indigo dye bath.  Time consuming but worth the extra effort.   It is actually a nice blue with white.  This photo has a grey cast to it.   

Clamped and folded, immersed into the indigo dye bath.  Allowed to dry and then immersed in a second dye of yellow.  This is the result, the photo is true to color.

Indigo fold and clamped.  Love the contrast of white and blue here.

This is called Indigo Pond as it reminds me of floating leaves on a pond.  Easy!

Indigo Stitched.  This also shows me that I need to have a design board to mount my pieces on so that they can be photographed straight on.  Too much is lost even on a small angle.

Another favorite of mine.  This one is called Indigo Stripes.  It has not been ironed flat as the texture is wonderful here.

Here is a close up of the texture.  Not quite sure that I have captured it, maybe some back-lighting would help.
  I just love indigo.  It's so much fun to do as it comes out a beautiful emerald green sometimes kind of a yellow green and just get bluer as it oxidizes.  Repeated dips into the dye bath are required to get a deep blue so it can be very time consuming but it is well worth every minute put into it.  Hope you enjoy these pics of my indigo efforts.


  1. It appears you had a burst of inspiration here. I liked all of these! The designs with the circles, the 'city' one dipped in yellow, and the first photo all caught my eye...

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks very much for the compliment.



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