Sunday, July 1, 2012

What are you doing today?

   Well if you really want to know - I woke this morning at 5am, took a look at my blog and some of those that I follow (lots to look at and some really great items), then I did a wee bit of sewing (am in process of making many quilts), and before it becomes too hot today I decided that I would make some more Whoopie Pies (they were a big hit last week, see the recipe on the previous post), and while the oven is still hot also made a rhubarb upside down cake (can't wait to taste it, it's sitting on the counter cooling off which might take all day seeing as it's so hot already).  Now I am going to do a little bit of cleaning - the kitchen is done now on to the living room!  I'll probably also sit at the sewing machine off and on (when I get bored with cleaning).  Already I am beyond perspsiring and am sweating.  I hope that my long run on sentence didn't confuse anyone, yikes 
Have a chocolate covered sunflower seed.
   I dream of finishing all the projects that are filed in my head, but there is only one of me and I have to be patient with myself knowing that I will only finish one thing at a time. Gosh. If I were more organized it just might help and maybe one day the dream of being organized will come true.  Where is that darn Organize Fairy.  She must be at your house getting you all squared away.  Let her know that I am waiting for her and tell her to get a move on.  Happy Sunday everyone. 

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