Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Birthday America!

I love this country!  We have freedoms many other places in the world do not.  We can worship freely without persecution.  We can dress the way we want.  We can keep company with our friends with out fear of violence put upon us.  We can hold office, we can vote.  We can express our thoughts.  We can do anything we long as we are not hurting or harming others we have these freedoms. Enjoy all that you have and all that you will be.

It is because of the many patriotic Americans have fought and died to obtain and hold these freedoms - from the time our country was in it's infancy to this day.  It is because of this collective sacrifice that WE THE PEOPLE are able to freely celebrate another birthday in and of America. Thank you to all those who have given and to all those who have given ALL.  

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