Sunday, May 23, 2010

Artichoke Heaven

This small machine quilted piece is created using the Rozome (row-zoh-may) resist method.  Using molten wax to draw the design onto fabric, in this case cotton.  Allowing the wax to cool and harden creates a barrier for dye medium.  This was my first attempt at this method.  The areas that I was not dyeing were covered over to avoid spilling drops of unwanted dye in them.  This piece has been sitting waiting for some attention for some time as it was stowed away in a box of other items waiting to be completed.  Now it is done, maybe . . .  I think. Anyhow, it is finished with a binding of my own hand dyed cotton and a purchased yellow ticking for the backing.  It measures approximately eleven inches square.  The swirls are yellow beads.  The artichoke seems to me to be floating - therefore the title of the piece - "Artichoke Heaven".


  1. Hi! I remember seeing this from time to time...good to see it done Kathleen!




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