Saturday, May 8, 2010

Water, water everywhere" and "Sunset in the Tropics"

     So with all the recent flooding in large parts of the United States, including areas like my own that don't normally flood, I remember that I had another unfinished object sitting in wait for a finishing touch and a title.  Well it came to me and now I am ready to complete "Water, water everywhere" and "Sunset in the Tropics".  They are two pieces that are strips of cool and warm colored fabrics that I thought looked good together.  The strips are random widths and they are sewn together at random as well.
      "Water, water everywhere" has a soothing feel to it - quite the opposite of what many people are feeling right now considering that some of them have lost everything.  While "Sunset in the Tropics" is warm and relaxing - can you see your feet at the end of the lounger that you are laying in?  Sipping something with an umbrella and ice in it?

  The photo on top is "Water, Water Everywhere".  The one on the bottom is "Sunset in the Tropics"

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