Thursday, June 3, 2010

Indigo Moon (renamed)

This is a favorite of mine.  It is dyed in my own indigo vats and machine stitched and quilted.  The design is hand stitched onto a blank fabric and pulled very tightly.  The area that does not receive any of the dye is "capped" off with plastic wrap and also tied very securely so that no dye seeps into that area.  Indigo dyeing is very interesting to watch as the items being dyed come out a very saturated emerald green and change to the familiar indigo blue as the oxidation process occurs.  It is also a very time consuming process as the indigo dye builds upon itself, so the more times that a particular item is immersed into the dye vat the deeper the blue color result.


  1. I always like the designs you do in these indigo dues. They look cool!



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