Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's Coming Out Day for The Misses!

The Misses all folded into nice neat stacks of fat quarters.

Introducing Miss Enya, Miss Mina, Miss Nula, and Miss Dotty.  (from left to right)

Introducing Miss Ida L'Azur , Miss Katy, Miss Pat, and Miss Sarah.  (from left to right)

All The Misses dancing around!
    This coming out Day the The Misses!  They have arrived an hour or so late - they were picking our the right color to wear.  These are fat quarters of 100% cotton.  Kona cotton is what the design is printed on so you know it's one of the best cottons around. 
   This is a design that I did really quickly one day in my sketchbook.  It's been in my mind to do something else with it other than keeping it closed up in a book.  So here it is.  Hope you like my creation.


  1. I love these. Did you get it printed yourself? Thanks for the lovely comment. I'm glad you enjoyed the trip!

    1. Yes I had these printed. It was a little doodle that I drew quite some time ago and there's more to come.



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