Sunday, February 19, 2012

Still in UFO Land

Proof that I have had the pedal to the metal!  Here I am stitching away to finish another UFO!
  What you thought I fell off the planet?  No no no, just been working on some of those UFO's  - five lap quilts done so far this year.  Four more are ready to be quilted and (shh, don't tell anyone) another blue and white striped triangle quilt has been started.  I know, I know I am supposed to be finishing not starting new quilts.  But I am using up my stash which is the flip side to my UFO endeavors.  Of  course I am not quilting these by hand but rather on my machine so of course I can finish more of them that way in a shorter time.   I do favor hand quilting, just so you know..  Thought that I would make a landing, just to touch base.  LOL

  Also I have been working with a designer to create some quilting pendants that I will be showing soon and hopefully be able to sell.  They are coming out quite nicely.  My designer is showing his great talents and I am impressed with what he has completed so far  He has taken my ideas and made them bloom.

  Also I have sent some of my fabric designs  off to be printed and the first sets have arrived!  I will take photos of  them sometime this week and post them one week from today (if I can wait that long!).  I am very pleased with the results.  All are printed on Kona 100% cotton. 

  So watch next Sunday - one week from today- for the "coming out" of The Misses fabric line.

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