Saturday, March 30, 2013

Better Pictures ... maybe

quilt front
Quilt front

showing a section of the back
close up of half square triangle strip
mitered corner binding

   These pictures show a more accurate representation of the colors of the fabrics used in this serendipitous lap quilt. (See previous post and you will see what I mean.) I love the "bird footprints" on the blue and the little dots of color on the other blue fabric.  I just kind of threw them together with out thinking and they worked.  The red pieces are there because I need extra length and the half square triangles were to match the front of the quilt that this piece was originally made for.  That particular quilt is just waiting to have a binding sewn on.  Then I will show it on this blog.  The quilting was done on the idea of the lines that form the square pattern of the binding and matching fabric in the body of the quilt.  Hope you like it.

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