Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Nice Drive in the Country

With the economy being what it is a nice drive in the country would be lovely.  You could make a day of it, pack a nice picnic lunch and bring some cold homemade lemonade to quench your thirst. Hop in the car and off you go to the Norman Rockwell Museum.  It's a nice drive if you live in Massachusetts or one of the nearby states.  There are lots of antique shops along the way to stop at that you can meander around in and stretch your legs a bit while your at it.  The museum is located in Stockbridge, Massachusetts among rolling well manicured lawns, with surrounding beautiful views.  The studio is on the grounds as well and you can go through it and see where the artist sat and created many of his works of art.  The museum showcases an array of front page Saturday Evening Post artwork done by Norman Rockwell.  Pictured here is the studio and grounds, but to truly appreciate it a visit is a must.  The nearby town of Stockbridge is lovely as well and worth a visit if only to walk about.  It's just the cost of gas (which, yes could be considerable depending on what you are driving and how far) and a days worth of time well spent, and a picnic lunch.  Hope you will take the trip and have a great time.
The Studio

Not sure if memory serves me correctly - but I think this is the house.

The Museum


  1. That was a fun day! The room with all of the Saturday Evening Post covers held a daunting amount of artwork. Loved seeing his studio too-

  2. Yes it was a fun day. A lot to see in a small area. I'll bet that many artists have a large body of work hidden away.



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