Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Two More Projects Begun

These are the cotton fabrics being used in the Larvae Quilt project.  The palette is limited to these three colors.  More color will be added with stitching once the quilt is pieced.
This past weekend a set of very colorful solid fabrics were gathered for the kayak quilt project.  This one may be a bit smaller than the last one.  The plan is to use fusing materials to construct it, then go over it with stitching.  Using only what I needed, having a plan, and a time line should keep me on track.
Also the larva quilt project is already underway and partly constructed.  Utilizing only three colors of fabric, there are three lengths so far that are an arms length..  The colors are shown above.  It is very simple, using no pattern and alternating colors for the pattern.  A fourth color may be introduced via thread so that it won't look so flat when it is completed.
Both of these projects will have a layer of cotton batting or possibly cotton flannel as the middle portion of the sandwich.  And as usual, I have more to say than to show at this point.  I will post pictures of the fabrics for both projects sometime this week and maybe even some of the drawings that I prepared with.  So check back during the week, maybe even (most likely) into the weekend, for postings here for the images.

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