Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A wee bit late ....

The stitching is done!   Now the binding on the edges is next and possibly a sleeve to hang it with.  The "back" has now become the front.  This piece is heavily hand stitched with an array of meandering colorful lines.  I am going to attempt to take some photos today that accurately show this Quickie Quilt off, wish me luck on that.  My goal of finishing it by the end of Feb was not met but I have finished it none the less in short order - so I won't beat myself up about it as my overall goal is to finish a few projects that have been neglected for a bit of time.  Now on to the next project ... hmm what will that be.  Come back soon to see what I have decided.


  1. See the post titled "Stitched Striations" Those are photos with respect to this post as well. Thanks for your comment.



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