Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sewing up a Storm

Sitting at my sewing machine every day this week even just for a few minutes - is allowing me to finish those projects that have been rolling around in my brain. You know those ideas that all creative people have that are filling valuable cerebral space, they need to be let out to make room to allow the next creative endeavor to become a thought and maybe a reality.  I have been looking forward all week to sitting at my sewing machine - apparently I'm on a roll (don't tell my brain).
Not completely happy with the Monarch Larvae quilt - it looked a somewhat incomplete.  So I pondered what should be done and decided that it needed to have some texture to add a wee bit of interest.  Back to the sewing machine for that addition, now I am completely happy with it. 
Also the first attempt at creating this small quilt have been salvaged to make a trip tic that appears more dynamic than the linear appearing Monarch Larvae quilt. 
This particular quilt has spurned some other ideas in my head - as it left a vacancy which has now been filled, but it will have to wait as I have my list of things to accomplish and I am trying to adhere to that list.  See my previous post from earlier this year "New Year - New Project List" January post.

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