Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Dyeing

Some moss that has been "cultivated" in my window box.  Note the rich red color and the little beads on the tops of the tendrils shooting upward from the soil and green velvety base.  I don't know what kind of moss this is but it is growing in a mostly sunny location so it may not last throughout the summer.  In the meantime it looks pretty in the window box along side of the other plants so it can stay there.
  At the studio this weekend eight plus yards of fabric were transformed into three different colors.  They are part of a small series of fabric sets that I am making.  I have decided to keep one set free of designs - aka solids, while the other sets will have some contemporary type graphic print design work on the surface.  I have challenged myself to limit the color palette, which I just had to do so that the grouping of fabrics actually looks like it belongs together. (I can be lead astray so easily by pretty colors!)  So far the results are quite pleasing.  There are no pictures to date but I will be posting some shortly. 

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