Saturday, May 21, 2011

Some reserved sunshine!

It has been so gloomy this past seven days here in the northeast with barely a siting of the sun.  I believe that it is on vacation out in Alpha Centauri!  Anyhow I thought that I would share some sun with you all so here are more photos of small blossoms.  One of them is amazingly tiny!  Enjoy!
Pretty blue Forget-me-nots

Cheery yellow Buttercups?  I love the smooth round edges of this tiny bloom with the contrasting serrated edges and texture of the foliage.
One of my favorites - Purple Viola
This is what some would consider a weed and would be easily overlooked, plucked out from the garden and tossed away as it is so teeny tiny.  It only measures about an eigth of an inch across.  So delicate, simple and pretty.
My lawn of buttercups!  Thank goodness for this plant or I might not have a lawn!

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