Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mini Strips Project

Here are some of the mini strips that were cut for the project that I am working on right now - frantically finishing for Christmas!!! How many days?? Only how many did you say ? Why do I do this every year?  Because I unwittingly like the pressure and it's when projects actually do get finished.  That has to be the answer, what else could it be?  Anyhow there are about twenty five different fabrics in this project.  I started sewing and just kept going until I had about a forty foot length of  herringbone pattern.  It did not start out with a Christmas theme but evolved into it and I am happy with that.  So now what will it become???  The big reveal on Christmas day and not a day sooner.  Hope your Christmas season is progressing nicely.

And now I have to go and bake some cookies for the cookie party at my sister-in-laws tonight... mmm what kind of cookie shall I bake.

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