Saturday, December 15, 2012

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This chart shows the dimensions of different size quilts that manufacturer's use.  It is a handy guide but it doesn't mean you can't work outside the box!

Standard Manufacturers' Sizes for Bedding
Measurements are approximate and given for standard US Mattresses
Measured in Inches (Width x Length)
Mattress TypeDimensions**Commercial
(short drop)
(long drop)
Lap Quiltn/an/an/an/a
Crib28" x 52"36" x 54"n/a45" x 60"
Twin/Single39" x 75"65" x 88"81" x 107"72" x 90"
Twin/Single XL***39" x 80"----n/a
Double/Full54" x 75"80" x 88"96" x 107"81" x 96"
Double/Full XL54" x 80"----n/a
Queen60" x 80"86" x 93"102" x 112"90" x 108"
King76-78" x 80"104" x 93"120" x 112"120" x 120"
California King72" x 84"----n/a

*Information is from "Art of Classic Quiltmaking" by H. Hargrave/S. Craig
**Dimensions are approximate and given for standard US mattresses
***Typically found in college dorm rooms

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