Sunday, December 2, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree!

  Today we will put the CHRISTMAS tree up!  It is early for us as we usually don't put it up until much closer to Christmas - but time is the problem.  So up it will go today.  It's exciting and will get us in the mood of the season and maybe, just maybe I will be more prepared for the big day when it does arrive.  It seems that we are never quite ready for Christmas each and every year although we know it is coming.  It comes on the same day of the year every year, it doesn't change.  I love a real tree and we have an artificial tree (as one year ours dried completely and we had to toss it out).  So not quite sure what we will opt for today - maybe we will toss a coin!
  There are some great little ornaments on the web and I may try to create one or two of them.  I also have ornaments that I have made over the years - right now there are not any pics of them but I will try to take pics and post them at some point today on this particular post. 
  Thanks for looking at my post and have an enjoyable Christmas season.

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