Monday, April 4, 2011

Colorway for Kayak art quilt

Here is the colorway for the Kayak art quilt that is in the beginning working stages.  The collection of supplies includes iron on stabilizer, various color threads or maybe a variegated one (I haven't quite decided), and a thin cotton batting (unless I change my mind about that!), as well as an array of colorful cotton fabrics shown in this article.
 The plan is to iron the fabrics onto the stabilizer and cut out the shapes.  Of course I have a drawing to go by that I have enlarged to give me the desired size.  All the shapes will be ironed onto the main fabric then stitched down with a narrow zigzag stitch with my sewing machine.
 We all went kayaking for the first time last year during the air show out on the bay.  Some of us had never been but took to it like old pros!  While some of us ran into another bigger boat that fortunately was not a yacht and grounded the kayak a couple of times (me).  We had great fun, the weather was terrific and we got soaked!  Can't wait to do it again.  I especially enjoyed seeing the land from a view that normally isn't as visible.   The jets from the air show flew right over our heads, it was very exciting.  On the way back I managed to miss the bigger boat, thank goodness. Anyhow here are the colors I will be using in the Kayak art quilt....

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  1. That was pretty fun. I think the colors are good.



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