Saturday, April 30, 2011

Just some pretty blooms

Here are a couple of photos of Hydrangea blooms.  What a spectacular shrub.  Sometimes blue, sometimes pink, this one is white with touches of blue and pink if you look close.  What's even nicer is that if you look really close toward the center of the bloom cluster is that  you see another little "bouquet" with some pretty amazing coloration.
Isn't this a nice surprise in the middle?
After the blooms are done they dry out naturally and you can make some nice dry flower arrangements for indoors.  Just a great plant with great impact.
So my thoughts wandered to white cloth with tints of pink and blue randomly placed, then stitched to create these pretty blossoms.  I feel yet another project coming on, lol, but sometimes this is the process.  Nature is always inspirational for me, in one form or another. 

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