Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Overdue Gardening Equals Forgotten Muscles

  With big family events coming up a little spruce up was needed in the garden, so we spent the day outdoors this past weekend raking, mowing, cutting, planting and avoiding some poison ivy that has decided to settle in with out invitation.  Mr. P. Ivy has been promptly sent packing.  The day was clear and sunny, with a comfortable temperature range perfect for getting some work done outdoors.

  The yard is a good size so we are taking a little bite at a time.  So far it is looking nice.  The variegated hosta have been replanted here and there to add light to dark areas as sell a few perennials and many annuals.  The window boxes on the deck are now completed.  It is nice to look out the kitchen window and see the bright cheery flowers flowing from them.  They remind me of my trip to Europe a few years ago with my son - every building there has foliage of some sort dripping from windows, around doorways and even rooftops. 

The Window Box
Garden View
  With all this comes sore aching muscles that have been long forgotten.  It is two days since my garden expedition and those muscles are still reminding me that they are there!  Thank you- I remember.  My plan is to use you again as there is still work to be done, so don't be too cocky.  Smarty pants muscles.  

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