Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday Season fast approaching -

So the Thanksgiving meal is long gone and we have stuffed ourselves with enough turkey and fixings that it's hard to tell who is the turkey! Anyhow now the Christmas season is upon us - tomorrow will be the official start at my house - no decorations are put up until December 1st. I like to keep the novelty of the season. But I catch up quick.

Also started is the raw silk project that I previously spoke of and that is coming along well - I think it will need a bit of embellishing so it may be a while before it is done.

The sock I was working on has now been completed - now for the other one, which I will start this week sometime. So my little goals for this past weekend were met. That is how I manage to get things completed - little goal markers!

Be on the lookout for some products that I have come across lately in my cyber travels, they will be posted here as well. There is some terrific stuff out there in cyberland check it out.

Here is a couple to get you started, dogdaisy92 and mbell34 - they both have some wonderful items. I think you will like what you see there - both are etsy shops. You will also find dogdaisy92 on flickr. Enjoy the slide show!

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