Sunday, November 8, 2009

Up and running . . .

Well you will notice that I now have pics up, I am very excited about this! Thanks to Michael who helped me get it all together (actually he did it all, I watched). On my etsy site my new banner is up thanks to Katy who created it and Michael who put it on the etsy store! Also you will notice that my fiber arts network is connected to all of this as well and now there is a face there where the once was a freaky anonymous alien type figure. I have an artist in the family and I must thank him for that drawing - Thanks Ralph, I appreciate it greatly. I have items there that are only there, so take a gander, let me know what you think.
My latest addition to etsy is the Raw Silk Gem collection of fat quarters (shown left). The results of the dye process are as I had hoped. So my abstract project is under way! As soon as it is finished it will be posted here.
Raw silk is known also as silk noil. It has a nubby texture and once washed is very flexible, with a nice flowing drape. When using silk noil for garments ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS wash it first as it shrinks. My silks are cut and measured prior to dyeing. Don't let that stop you from using this great fiber in your projects, what ever they may be.

Once again, I would like to thank Katy and Michael for their assistance and opinions to getting this just right! And Ralph for the great drawing for my Fiberarts /MixedMedia network picture. A big round of applause!

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