Friday, July 1, 2011

Another Inspiration!

Black Swallow Tail larva just hanging around my cabbage plant - which the little guy can have!

Same larva, just another view from above capturing its head, I don't think that it is eating the cabbage though.  

Here is the topside of the same larva.  I love the rows of black against the green and yellow.  It is a quite striking pattern.  Do Black Swallow Tail  butterfly larva like cabbage?  I can't say that I blame them if they don't, even if it is good for you.
  So this year having decided to plant cabbage, only because of the color of the foliage as it will not enter this body (bleh), I came across a brightly colored caterpillar.  Into the house I ran (as if the little fellow was going to run away with all those legs!) to grab my camera.
  When I came back outside it was still there, whew!. So snap snap snap, once again mother nature has provided an incredible sample of just what she can do!  Identifying it as a black swallow tail butterfly larvae with my handy dandy high tech library (computer) was very time consuming, it took around twenty point nine five seconds, but I did it.  I was determined, by golly.
  So here are some of the snaps that I took.  Click to enlarge them.  If it is still in the same place I will take some more pictures to see if it is planning to make this spot it's home while it turns into a butterfly, hope so.  Don't know if it needs protection, but mother nature has planned all that out I'm sure.  My plan is to make another quilt using this small insect as my inspiration.

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