Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bye-bye Butterfly

  Oh well, I missed the big event.  I knew something was happening to the chrysalis - that the time was drawing near.  It was nearer than thought.  Only an empty shell remains.  So yesterday was the birthday so to speak of the black swallow-tail butterfly, though I did not see one floating around the yard.  Maybe it will come back if there are any goodies for it to feast upon.  Of course the dill that it may have come in on has died but that is okay, I kind of expected that to happen. It was given to me with very few roots. It does feed upon flower nectar.  And the larva stage only lasts 9 - 11 days which I mistakenly thought was 3 weeks.  Better luck next time - get the facts Jack!

  Yesterday though to make up for not witnessing the emerging butterfly, while at a local hardware store I happened to look down to the ground and spot a dragonfly.  It is a beautiful dark blue color, with wings spread out as if resting on a plant of some sort.  It is dehydrated from being on the concrete and in the sun, it now is here and I will post those pictures as soon as I take them.

  So it is a tradeoff!  Good for me  : D

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