Sunday, July 3, 2011

Is It a Boy or a Girl? No, It's a Chrysalis!

Camouflaged by it's color and somewhat hidden location.

Here is the chrysalis that just this morning was a brightly colored larva
  At first I thought that maybe some small animal had come and eaten the larva (shown in previous post just three days ago), but upon further inspection I found that it has dramatically changed from just this morning.  It had let go of the cabbage plant stem and was only holding on by the top and bottom and it's middle "legs" were seemingly diminished.  I took a look at it before going out to run some errands around noon time and you could still see the vibrant coloration of it's body - nothing had really changed at that time.  (I should have known that something was happening when the only anchor was top and bottom.)  
   These are pictures of what I saw now known as a chrysalis, the pupa of a butterfly.  This is the third stage of the insect that goes through a complete metamorphosis also known as holometabolism.
  If you click on the bottom picture you can see that even the insect world knows how to use fibers!  You can see the very thin line of silk anchoring this pupa in place on either side.  Just how amazing is Mother Nature?!  (Actually all silk comes from the silk worm.)  

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