Saturday, July 16, 2011

Baby Birds and Baby Bugs

  While weeding last weekend in the front yard a little bird flitted about.  It was incredibly hot and the little raptor was just sitting in the ferns with it's mouth agape.  Presuming that it was hot I provided a small shallow container of water which it did manage to take a few drops of.  I continued weeding as the mother bird, a chickadee chirped and flew here and there landing on the electrical wires, the nearby bushes and trees.  Keeping a close watch was she.  The chick did not even have it's tail feathers fully grown yet.  Here are some clips that I took of it,  I actually could have picked it up in my hands, that's how close I was.

  Also, something is happening to the chrysalis. A definite change - see for yourself in the two bottom pictures..  I don't think it is going to be much longer before the metamorphosis is complete.  I hope that I don't miss it.

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