Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dye Process

Fabric wet with dye
Fabric in dye left overnight (2 times) until dry
I thought I would show my readers one of the dyeing processes that I utilize once in a while.  Here I have used dyeing red and turquoise on opposite sides of cotton fabric.  As the dye soaks into the fabric it leaches towards the middle (with a little help) where the two dyes intermingle, creating a third color.
I left the saturated fabric to sit for a day and of course a day turned into two as I had other things to do.  No harm done though as the fabric just dries, you can see the crystals that formed when the fabric was dry.  Just soak it again, or even easier pick it up and toss it into the washing machine and rinse away.  The nice thing about the fabric being dry is that it doesn't drip all over the place or on you as it is transported to the washer.
I haven't taken a photo of the finished piece of fabric yet.  It turned out just as I had hoped.

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