Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Full view of Woodpecker
Head detail
Have you ever wonder why you are in the right place at the right time?  Unexpectedly home from work a little early today and what is waiting in the middle of the street?  A baby woodpecker! (At least I think it's a woodpecker.) Just sitting there chirping, calling out to it's mother perhaps.   After prompting onto the grass out of harms way, into the house I ran like a flash to get my camera (please let the battery not be dead) and hoping that it would not fly away.  Of course it had hopped off a wee bit, but I was able to catch a moment in this little birds new life before it is truely able to fly away.  Here are a couple of the pictures that I captured.  It did manage to "climb" up into my neighbors rather large evergreen and I can hear it chirping still as I write this post.  Enjoy these pics.


  1. That's a fantastic shot and you definitely were in the right place at th right time.

  2. Thanks Margaret, Only pure luck and quick thinking got this pic. I love your artwork that you share with everyone on your blog.



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