Sunday, June 26, 2011

What's In A Name?

In the Stairway 
   Well here is another small quilt recently finished, bound and sleeved.  It is not pieced but rather painted and then quilted by machine with hand embroidery enhanced into the rows of machine stitching using black embroidery floss.  Binding is black, corners are mitered.  Cotton batting is used with a plain white backing.

Digital Splash
   Looking at it in a vertical versus horizontal orientation my desire to give it a different title is dependent upon that orientation - go figure.Pictured here with both titles you can see that it is a graphic design with bold color.  It is actually part of a series that I am working on, being the first in the series.  The rest of the series is only on paper at this time and will present at a later time before this year is out.  Enjoy!



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