Saturday, June 18, 2011

Monarch Larvae Completed

 Previously I wrote on this blog some time ago that I would be posting some pictures of the Monarch Larvae Quilt (small works) once it was completed (See post from March 20, 2011).  Well it has been finished for a bit now and finally I have gotten around to taking some images so here they are.

 I thought that it needed some texture and ran it though the machine a few times here and there.  Let me know what you think.  The colors in this small piece as photographed have a bluish cast on them, as I am no photographer (!), but they are white black and bright yellow (even though the monarch butterfly larvae is more of a chartreuse).  I am sticking with the name though.

 This is made of high quality Kona cotton fabrics which have a smooth texture and are quite buttery to work with - yummy.  There are three more quilts using the same fabrics with a somewhat different configuration.  They only need to have binding sewn in place, and a hanging sleeve, then they are finished. 

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